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Dear HP Museum Community,

I always try to leave feedback as soon as I mail an ebay item, it helps me keep track of what I have mailed. This has worked well for over 500 different buyers/sellers. Today I got my first negative: "Misrepresented the Product, Never Responded to Emails, I received a useless Prdt" Buyer rikkus_98 ( 3 ) Apr-08-04 21:59 3088182751

I will telephone the buyer to see where we had a disconnect. I do not recall any e-mails, and the book was mailed quickly with DELIVERY CONFIRMATION. I tried to describe the book accurately, so I am very puzzled by the buyers feedback to me. When I have had any issues with buyers, I have always offered 100% refund of all costs, and even let on buyer keep the item that was damaged in transit, with no payment required by the buyer.

The original item is at:


I have "archived" a copy of the ad at:


Any helpful comments appreciated, here in the forum, by e-mail kd4ace@earthlink.net , or I can give you my cell phone number via e-mail if you would like to talk.



As annoying as it is, you're pretty much stuck with that feedback. I've gotten two negatives in my 3-4 years with ebay, one by mistake, the other by some punk kid... as a result I've found ebay's feedback system to be fundamentally flawed. The only way to have feedback removed is through a court order, or one of their $20 mediation services in which both parties sign a legal document. Pretty rediculous if you ask me. I would just advise leaving appropriate feedback to the other user.


You can also leave a response to the feedback you get. Whenever a seller has any negative feedback, I always check his response to it, if he's made one. Sometimes negative feedback is mistaken or from an unreasonable person.

In the past, I've had problems with my ISP blocking e-mail from an entire domain, so if I don't receive an e-mail that I'm expecting, I try to send an e-mail from an alternate address.



I telephoned the buyer this morning . . .

I had listed the solution book as being for the HP-28C and HP-28S. Indeed it was only for the HP-28S, and he only has an HP-28C. My mistake on the ad, and he is very new to ebay. I refunded his payment, and we mutually aggreed (at my suggestion) to withdraw our feedbacks.

So the negative goes away, and my feedback score is back to 100%, and the feedback history shall always say:

"Misrepresented the Product, Never Responded to Emails, I received a useless Prdt" Buyer Apr-08-04 21:59

Reply by kd4ace(at)earthlink(dot)net: "Typo in ad. Item for HP-28S NOT HP-28C. E-mail problems, Full refund to buyer." Apr-10-04 07:09

Rating Withdrawn: Buyer and seller mutually agreed to withdraw feedback for this item. Learn more.

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