Has anyone lost any messages?


Someone reported that he made two posts that appeared to go normally but they never appeared. Has this happened to anyone else in the last couple of days?

If so, please email me with:

A brief description of the post

Some words, what time, who it was in response to - whatever you remember

Whether you would like me to resurrect it

(I may be able to using some log info)

What browser you're using.

I see a few posts that didn't make it past the preview stage but I don't want to just post them because you might have changed your mind and decided not to post!

I'm not sure what has been going on but I've made a change that MIGHT have fixed it.



Since I'm the one who lost the posts, I'll respond here. If you see this response, you can assume it was a one day anomaly (possibly at my end).

If you do not see this response, then please... Ohhh, right...

Anyway, I hope you see this response and the problem has gone away.

Take care.




I am having no trouble posting to the Forum now. I'm not sure what happened, but it's not happening now.


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