List of all Models ever made ?



i am totally confused now. I try to create a list of all hp-models ever made. I am struggling with the newer ones :-(

Is this correct?

HP 9g
HP 9s
HP 10bII
HP 12C Platinum
HP 14bII
HP 30s
HP 33s
HP 39g
HP 40g
HP 48g+
HP 48gII
HP 49
HP 49g+

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And you forgot teh list that this museum website has in it's main page!!!! Please don't ignore THE OBVIOUS!!!



sure there is a list. But the newer ones are missing :-(

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The 19BII+ is only very slightly rumored yet, I have even seen 2 very different designs for it!
Maybe you forgot the 6s, although it is not produces anymore, it is still readily available



PLEASE, let's all forget the 6S...



I have seen the picture here:

so i putted it on the list. BTW: You are right: the 6s/solar are missing in my list.

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As Arnaud mentioned.. you should add the 6S and 6S Solar.

I don't think I've ever heard of a 14BII. Is there one?

And FWIW, there is also the new 39G+.




see the update ...

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Add 19c, a printing hand held.



I know the 19C. But its an "old" one:

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Andreas Stockburger



here is the update:

hp6s hp6solar HP9g HP9s HP10bII HP12C-Platinum HP17BII+ HP19BII+ HP30s HP33s HP39g HP39g+ HP40g HP48g+ HP48gII HP49 HP49g+

Is this Ok now ?

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I don't get it. Should that be a list of all HP calculators ever made???



No, this is NOT a complete list. I want to know which NEW Calculators are on the market now. The "old" ones are clear an well documented on this site:

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The new models seem to have the hp letters not HP

so some corrections:

hp 12c platinum financial calculator

hp 17bII+ financial calculator

hp 19bII+

hp 33s

hp 39g+

hp 48gII

hp 49g+

While the older models have big HP

HP 39G

HP 40G

HP 49G

Although the marketing says HP, the calc reads hp



Have a look at my website. I think I have all presend and past models there...

By the way. In a few weeks I will present my new website with new layout and better documentation of all accessoires..



Hi Matthias,

i visited your site but could not find the required information. Please help me: I need to know which calculators where made after the HP48. This is what I found:

hp6s hp6solar hp9g hp9s hp10bII HP12C-Platinum hp17BII+ hp19BII+ hp30s hp33s HP39g HP39g+ HP40g HP48g+ hp48gII HP49 hp49g+

Is this correct now ?

Best regards



I don't think you can name the Hp19Bii+ yet. Beta's may be available, but I doubt that also.

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