82162A printer


I have recently acquired a 82162A printer. My HP-41CV's (three of them)don't recognise it (flag 55=no).

I'm not sure if it is the printer or the interface cable, as I have no other equipment to check the cable with.

The printer just came out of long term storage. The nicads were dead, and I have rebuilt the pack. It charges,
and holds a charge. It won't talk to the calculator, however.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong if it is software (me), or where I can get the hardware tested/fixed.



There is a tiny slide switch on the HPIL module that turns on or off the HPIL printer functions (so you can use the 82143A printer)


Thanks David, but it doesn't work with the switch in either



Set the switch to the 'Enable' position (as shown on the HPIL module label) and do a CAT 2. Do the printer functions show up in the catalog?

If so, what error do you get if you try a PRX or some other printer function?


Hi Tony,
Cat 2 gives a whole list of printer functions. Seems to list out normally. When I try a EXQ PRX, the message is TRANSMIT ERR.

I'm afraid I've got a bad printer, or one of the wires from the interface is bad.

Thanks for your suggestion.



Plug the 2 cables from the HP41 IL module together without connecting the printer (or anything else) between them.
Try a PRX now. If you get NO PRINTER as the error message, then the HPIL module is most likely fine, and you have a problem with the printer. If you still get the TRANSMIT ERR message, then you have a problem with the IL module (probably a broken cable).


Hi Tony,

Your suggestion has me on the right track now. Your hint enabled me to track the fault to one of the wires coming out of the IL module. The printer is OK, and I'll probably
be able to patch the wire.



hi graham,
do a "MEMORY LOST" on the 41 and try again. the problem you run into is most likely (assuming that all hardware is doing fine) due to some erroneous flag settings, especially flag 33 and manio/autoio.


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