Anyone use an HP-IL modem with a 41?


I was reading about the HP-IL the other day and came across the modem. I am curious to hear if anyone has experience using the modem and a 41. I can see how the 71/75 might be used as they run BASIC, in which you can open and access serial ports.

The 41 however, has no way to push data out a serial port. So, does the modem have a command superset that the 41 can access and use? What type of program would be running on the server side? A DOS type BBS?

The passing of any experiences with this (and applications) would be of interest.




I used my HPIL-to-RS232 interface converter a lot with my 41, but it was a cx. If you had a c or cv without the extended memory and extended functions and text files, the usefulness of a modem would be all the more limited. I think the he Extended I/O module should have been part of the HPIL module too. I got mine built into it in order to save a port.

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