HP49G+: How do I sent text strings to the Picture screen?


Any help will be appreciated. I want to build a game board on the picture screen


$ 350 $ 500 $ 1000

LUCKY $ 850




PICT {#x #y} "Your String" 2 >GROB GOR

does the job.

Step by step:
Place the name PICT on the stack (Menu: PRG->[PICT]->[PICT])

Then enter the pixel coordinates as HEX strings in {}.

After that place your string on the stack,
choose the font size (1 or 2) and perform >GROB (Menu: PRG->[GROB]->[->GRO])

Then perform GOR or GXOR, and take a look at your PICT.

However, this is all explained in the manual, at least in the HP-48 manuals, so maybe you should read it.


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