HP 32S Manuals


Somebady help me! I need the owner manuals or programing guide of a HP 32S , I'm living in colombia and i could not found this manuals, E-mail me. thank you very much.



I'd suggest you to buy the manual CD's available on this site.


Andrés: I have had the 32 S II manuals in spanish version. Regrettably, I don't have them available to offer them to you. I can say that the spanish version which come with the HP 32 S II calculators sold in Argentina (imported from HP Mexico, I think) were a poor translation; I think the original (english) version might be better both in content and in printing. And, by the way, are you looking for manuals for the "first version" HP 32 S, or the 32 S II?


I'm Lookin for the manual of HP 32S, but i think the manuals of Hp 32SII are usefull too. do you have a electronic copy of manual or paper manual?
Do you Speak Spanish?



Yes, I do speak spanish, I keep using english because it is the common language in this Forum; but we can use spanish by email. I do not have any electronic version of the manuals; but I suggest to take a look to the Museum CD ROMs, in which most (if not all) manuals are included.

Andrés Rodríguez, Argentina

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