Is this HP16C worth worth a new 49G+?


Sorry if this should be in the adds section - but I have no idea if I am asking for a reasonable price.



I have a battered HP16c which I never use, and I'd like to know if its worth anything.

Some photos are at

As far as I can tell, it works perfectly. It looks like its been in the wars though - the badge is missing, there is an 'M' and a star shape scratched into the metal near the screen, and paint is coming off in 2 places (between the OCT and BIN keys, and between the 2 and 3 keys). The keys seem to be fine. The back is in good condition - I took a photograph but it didn't turn out. I will take more later.

It was made in the USA, serial number 2741A12807.

It includes the manual, in fair condition (Some ink stains, the cover is a bit creased and it is a litle dog-eared).

Is this calculator worth anything? Would anyone be willing to trade it for a 49G+ with the good keyboard? If its not worth that much, I could include a little currency - but I can't afford too much.

The ideal situation for me would be to send the calculator plus some cash if necessary overseas, and the buyer would send payment to . would then send me a new 49G+.

Am I being reasonable?



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No. Not as I see it. Getting a replacement metal front, a new bezel and a new keyboard overlay is next to impossible.
Being april 1. I hope there is some kind of explenation. On second thoughts, he could had written something like:
'Would anyone be willing to trade it for a space shuttle ticket?'

Happy april 1.

PS.: Remove hpcalc from my adress...


I'm serious - No april 1 joke.

I thought despite it not being in mint condition, someone might be interested. Oh well.



Sorry Al. I didn't want to offend you. It's just - well, this place is mainly read (as far as I know of) by vintage collectors, at least I regard my self as one. In the case of your HP-16C, of which I do not own any (not even in 'war condition'), it would have been great, for somebody with a broken unit.
So if anyone have a broken unit...

Sorry again, if I offended you.



No offence taken! I asked for opinions :-)

As for the face, I belive 2 tiny dabs of black paint would make it look much better - it's not quite as bad as the photos make out (the flash shows every tiny nick). The metal part near the display would need to be replaced to improve its looks. If that was replaced, and the paint was dabbed on, it would look much better.

The only other blemish is a hairline scratch on the LCD. Perhaps this could be fixed; I don't know. It is not very deep.

Do you think it is worth $100 USD? Ebay prices seem to range from 100-150.



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ok, IMHO you should keep this unit, as it's in fair condition. Like Johnny wrote, maybe a collector which can make use of the CPU or display board would like to take the unit, or someone who definately wants to have a 16C, regardless of it's condition.

This is a heavily used unit, and the manual can tell a story of it;-)

From a collector's (my) view, the front is simply trash, the 16C logo is missing, so no fun to look at.

You can't replace the bezel w/o having another one, and the logo will only be available on another 16C, so this doesn't seem to make much sense. The faceplate (keyboard overlay) has dings & dents, even the keys seem to have suffered much (GSB, GTO, etc...)

Another option is to put it on eBay wih a starting bid of $10. If your auction title catches collector's views, you'll know the actual value after the auction end.





Thanks for your opinions, but I have had several offers :-)




Hi Al,

I recognize your name--but can't remember if it is from here, or c.s.hp48, or both.

I think you are being a bit low-balled here---on e-bay there is a sucker born every minute.....

If you watch e-bay for a while and make sure to track every 16c that comes up--then you will have a good sense for the trading value. It might take over a month, as there are very few 16c machines in circulation on e-bay.




You can also look on ebay, on the left hand side, down a few inches under "Display", for the link to "Completed items". You will need to log in but it will show you what the various HP 16Cs have gone for and you can look at the condition of each. You should also note the strategy the person had in selling the calculator, what price to start at, whether there was a reserve or not, what time of day or week to end it, etc.

On another note, I have my old 16C which I came across, used, a few years ago and still use it. Years ago I had a chance to trade my "like new" 42S in for a 48G and $100. I wish I had it back. The 48G was good, but that 42S was just a clean pure calculator and when I need to calculate something, I usually just punched out the number and I was done with it. With the 48G, there was more clutter then it was sometimes worth. I am not refering to the keyboard as much as items like "sto" is now alpha based, in specific directories, and remains there until you delete the variable.

Good luck



I use comp.sys.hp48... I'm not really a collector!

"I think you are being a bit low-balled here---on e-bay there is a sucker born every minute....."

What does 'low balled' mean? Sorry, I have never heard of that phrase before.

I have already gotten an offer that suits me nicely with a minimum of hassle, so I might go with it.




HP-16C are quite hard to find. So I think you could have at least 150 US$ with your unit. It works well, quite good condition with a manual, I think that's enough. The price range for 16c is 160/260 US$. Sell it on eBay, and with the money, buy a 49G+. I bought my 16C 200 euros 2 years ago and it's not in pristine condition, and I think there are several collectors who would accept to pay a good price for yours.


It depends: I got my NEW and unused 16C w/case & manual for about 60 Euros a few years ago, and last year I got a used one with case & manual, but missing logo, which looks much better than Al's unit for about the same price (60 EUR). Ok, they have no box, but someday someone will have a spare box...

Not to discourage Al: Get as much as you can for your 16C:-)

But please take a look at the auction which just ended: eBay 3087936313 . THAT is a really nice 16C, and it went for less than $136...


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The HP16c is gone, I recieved several offers the night I posted it.



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