Cynox vs Klotz vs...?


Does anyone have any opinion about RAM cards by Cynox, Klotz, Epson / HP or anyone else? Both European suppliers seem to have their proponents, but I haven't noticed any taunting about one product vs the other (In fact, the problems seem to be more or less common to all, shielding aside.) My overall impression is that Epson / HP are well finished, but expensive and rare in the larger sizes. Klotz and Cynox appear to be nearly comparable (maybe Cynox provides a simple plastic "slipcover" so the RAM card isn't completely naked...)

Does anyone else have any issues or preferences???


I don't have any comparison data, but I found Klotz to be courteous and fast service. The products I bought (a 128K and a 1 Meg card) each work very well and were nicely priced.


My Cynox cards are neatly covered so that you can't see the internals. The cover might be beneficial if you frequently swap cards in and out of the calculator, since it could prevent damage when when the card was outside the calc.

But if you simply plan to leave the card in the calculator as a permanent memory upgrade, then it may not matter if it has a cover or not.


I have a 128kb from HP and another from Klotz. Also an 1M from Klotz and a 512kb from Cynox... the four work w/o problems...But I paid more for the original HP than for the other three :-(

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