looking for information on a Casio OH 7000 G, Overhead calculator


Hello, I recently purchased a Casio Model OH 7000G, overhead calculator and am looking for information and somewhere I can obtain a manual. I've tried Casio's web site but it doesn't recoginize that particular model number. I also own 5 hp calculators and read the posts on HP Musuem's site daily. I thought if anyone knew someone or somewhere that would point me in the right direction to acquire my Casio information, it would probably come from one of you.
Thanks in advance


look at this i think this will help you
I have one of these also, it's like a normal 7000 but with overhead possibilities



This may or may not be true anymore, but somewhere I heard or read, that Casio has a standing policy that they give free owner's manuals just for the asking. This is how I received my FX7000G (graphic calculator) and CFX-200 (scientific calculator watch) manuals. Both were photocopied manuals. Sorry, I don't have the phone number handy.



I have the machine and the manual is the same as fx-7000GA.

the manual is online at:


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