ELI-41 ???



What is this? Please enlight me!



the link shows an auction for an 49g...

However, AFAIR ELI-41 is part of TRANS41.
Check the TRANS41 manual;-)



sorry about the mistake, this should be correct:


It does not seem to me that this is included into TRANS41, but I cannot check at the moment...


Much better than ELI41 + TRANS41 is EMU41, this includes some advanced features like 64KByte RAM-Box and real HP-IL support...

Refer to HP-Museum articles forum item 311 HP41/PC gateway & emulator.

Regards - Christoph Klug


I am a registered EMU41 user already :)

Just wonted to know what ELI-41 is, I have read somewhere about eli as a file/data format.

I don't know if it is a valuable as an emulator by itself, but usually is worth to investigate as long a 41 emulator is involved.



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