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I'm wondering if other people have also noticed disappearing libraries on RAM cards. I have a 48gx with a 512 KB card, with libraries stored in ports 2-5. Sometimes, at irregular intervals, after a couple months or so, one library or two will disappear. I can't discern a clear pattern to this behaviour, it's not the battery, nor the card (I bought a second one from a different manufacturer), nor is it the same library which disappears.

Thanks for any ideas you might have,



I never had this problem in a 5 year old ram card with no battery change, it is 1Mb card from Cynox, and always works fine.


Yeah, it's strange. I'm running version R (so that should be good), but also have a 128KB memory card in slot 1 (which is merged with main memory). So perhaps the problem lies here, don't really know.

Well, it's no big deal, since I can always install the libraries again, and it happens infrequently enough, but it's just a little irritating.


Do you ever get "Invalid Card Data" messages? If so, the card might not be seated all the way in the slot or the contacts might be a little dirty. I've seen the contents of ports disappear (and sometimes reappear) if a card isn't all the way in the slot, but that usually produces an error message.


No, I don't get that message. I also tried the PINIT command. Alas, the lost library doesn't reappear. It's gone, and the memory it used to take up is now free in the port.

But thanks for your suggestion.


Just an idea:
Is it commercial software with a limited usage time?



No, it's also not that. What disappeared yesterday was Stat48 Pro 1.0 by Scott Guth (downloaded three years or so ago from hpcalc.org). To my knowledge, there are no time limitations.

One thing is for sure, though: Whatever I store in Port 0 (i.e., main memory) will not disappear.

Maybe it's a hardware problem of my particular unit, or maybe certain libraries can't co-exist together peacefully? Who knows.


I have a Klotz RAM card that ONCE moved a little and I had to reconnect it... I had no lost of memory, but I didn't want that problem again. A very little drop of super-glue in one of the card sides was the solution. It fixes the RAM card and makes impossible its movement but whenever I have needed to extract the card, I have had no problem for unsticking.


One of the Klotz cards in my youngest son's 48GX moved a little after being carried around in his backpack for a few months, and it lost the contents of one of the ports. (I just did a PINIT on it and restored from a backup.) My oldest son has a "genuine HP" card in his 48GX and the same has happened to him at least once. I've never seen any problem with cards moving unless the calculator was dropped or handled roughly.

(I just ordered three more Klotz cards yesterday, so now all four of our 48GX's will have Metakernel and plenty of extra memory.)


...so now all four of our 48GX's will have Metakernel and plenty of extra memory...

here is the "48GX-Super" Team !! ;-)

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