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Can someone help me, please ?!

I just bought a new HP49g+ but it doesn't work together with my (old) IR-printer HP82240A. (The printer works together with my HP 28C - so it's o.k.)

It's garuanted that HP49g+ works with IR-Printer HP82240B.

Is this possible, I can't believe that I now have to buy an new IR-printer ??? - What is the difference between HP82240A und HP82240B?

Can someone discribe the differences of the IR-language of this two printers ?

I asked the lokal dealer in germany and the support hot-line for germany (which is located in tschechia) but noone knows anything exactly.

Thanks for your help !!!


AFAIK the main differences between the A and B version are the character set used, and the reduced battery drain of the B .
The IR protocol should be identical.
Is it stated in the manual that the 82240 IR printer will work with the 49g+, or do you simply assume it?

These printers work well with any real HP-48, but the 49g+ has not much to do with an HP-48.



Hi Michael, Raymond, guys;

Raymond is correct in all aspects; I just want to add some data, O.K?

The HP82240B offers two character sets, being ECMA94 and ROMAN8, while the HP82240A has the ROMAN8 set, only. ROMAN8 is closer to previous HP82143A (HP41 standard peripheral printer) and HP82162 (HPIL portable printer), and I am not sure if it is, in fact, the same.

The "early" HP48 series (S/SX/G/G+/GX) allow the use of both printers: A or B. If you want to use the A-series, there is the need to remap the IR output, and you need to execute OLDPRT. If you want to use the B-series after that, you need to purge PRTPAR so the remapping feature is reset.

I guess that if the HP49G+ manual states that the IR output is defined for an HP82240B and if there is no OLDPRT command available, then you may use the HP82240A but some characters coded 128d to 255d will not print correctly (in fact, the standard ASCII character set, from 32d to 127d, doesn't need remapping: A to Z, a to z, 0 to 9 and standard punctuation). As both printers use the same "IR" protocol, I see no trouble using an HP82240A with an HP49G+. Maybe you should test first to see if there is nothing wrong.

The only additional characteristic is that there is an extra blank "pixel" row between strings when printing text only. You may have noticed that there is almost no clearence between text lines in an HP82240A listing. This is because of its graphics capabilities, so there is only one blank pixel row between lines. In the HP82240B, all characters are one row "shorter", but it eases reading.

I think that's all. Hope this helps.

And please, if I missed some code or equipment ID, forgive me: I just have no manuals in hand right now, this is all written "by heart". (I edited the message to add this)


BTW, the reasoning is: is there any chance that the HP82240B is getting back in production? A new design perhaps? Or it's alreadyhappening and I am not aware of this? Anyone taht knows something about this?

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 30 Mar 2004, 7:02 a.m.


The printer should work. The problem is probably range of the IR on the 49G+. It only has a useful range of a few inches. Some have reported two or three inches maximum. Make sure that you have the two very close together and try again. It should work.



Even though the 49G+ has an IR port I don't think it would work with either the 82240A or B. HP has discontinued the 82240A/B when they introduced the 49G+. I think the 49G+ IR port is only compatible to the IR port on a PC.
I don't have the manual of the 49G+ so I can't confirm this.


I've had a hard drive crash and lost the website, but the company that made the HP 82240A still sells them under their own name. These printers were used in other areas. I have a chronograph that uses an IR printer. It looked so much like an HP 82240A that I made an enquiry and the guy at the chronograph works admitted it was the same printer. So I have been using my HP 8220A with my chronograph.

meanwhile I stumbled across the website of the outfit that actually makes the printers, but lost it with my hard drive crash. (Backup, backup, backup, and then backup the backups!)


The 82240B printer works fine with the 49G+ as long as the distance between the printer and calculator is less than a few inches and the delay time set to 1.8.

Tom Scott

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