Where to find HP-48GX RAM / ROM??


I recently purchased an HP-48GX and would like to explore some expansion possibilities. Other than the obvious (eBay), where else might I look for RAM and ROM cards, either new or used? Based on what little looking I've done to date, these cards aren't very easy to find...??? Thanks.


Very nice ram cards at good prices are available from Klotz Electronic. The cards are "naked", i.e., they are basically bare circuit boards without the outer case of the HP cards, but since they are usually inside your calculator, that should not matter. Service from Germany was excellent when I bought a couple of them a year or two ago.


Koltz as stated above is an excellent source. I bought a 128K and a 1 Meg.

The 128K is needed to run Certain applications such as Meta-Kernal. Else for storage the 1 Meg is a much better buy. 2 and 4 Meg cards are also available.

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