HP-37E chip placement


I am working on a HP-37E that had previously been dis-assembled. The calculator has one large chip (CPU) and one small chip. First question is: Did this calculator only have one of the small chips? Second question: There are three possible slots for the small chip. Does anyone know it's correct position.
Thanks alot!


I have a 38E that as 1 big chip and 3 little chips. So I assume that yours should have also 3 little chips.



I've just opened my 37E and confirm that there is a little and a big chip.


As far as I can tell, the small chips in the HP-3xE
calculators can go in any slot, as they're all wired the
same. However, don't install them backwards!

Each small chip is a combination ROM & RAM.

I'm not sure how many a 38E needs, but I suspect it's more
than just one, since the 38E is the high-end financial.


Thanks for the replies. I also have a HP-38E that has three small chips. That is what made me wonder if my HP-37E should have more than one chip.

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