would someone mail me a 28C ROM?


Ok, I know I'm risking to be flamed...
There are license issues, but does anyone consider it relevant? does HP care for it?
I just want to try emu28 (I just happen to like calc-emulators). I own two 28Ss, and could get their ROM via my 48GX, but emu28 doesn't emulate the 28S hardware...

...well, if I'm missing any important reason why I really should not use emu28 for fun not having a real 18C I'll pay attention.

Note that I ask for a 28C rom and I own two real 28S that is an improvment of the 28C model, I don't ask for 18C ROMs since I don't have any business model.

Edited: 28 Mar 2004, 12:06 p.m.


I don't ask for 18C ROMs since I don't have any business model.

It's just as well that you don't ask for the 18C ROM, because I don't think anyone has managed to dump it, nor those of the 19B and 19BII. If someone has, please speak up! :-)

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