I don't post here much, but I do have a question. I've come in contact with a lot of HP-IL equipment, and have a HP-IL interface card for the PC.

I want to use this card to communicate with my calculator and tranfer programs. I've heard there is a program that works with modern pc's called "trans41" that can do this, but I can't find it anywhere!

Does anyone have a copy of this they can send me via email, or something?

I would appreciate any help I can get,




I can do that.


Hi Ray, I recently purchased an HPIL/PC interface card from Christoph Klug for a similar reason. I had many ROM's, programs, and data files on EPROM and Cassette that I wanted to preserve (and contribute to this still great community of HP41 enthusiasts). Thus far I've had very good success getting these to the PC with a great product called emu41 produced by Jean-Francois Garnier. You can download a free copy of emu41 from JFG’s homepage at:

The HPIL capable version is available on the same site for a minimal fee.

I don’t know which flavor of card you own but I can testify that Christoph Klug’s interface card working in conjunction with JFG’s emu41 application is hard to beat. Even if you have "that other brand" of card I'd highly recommend you take emu41 for a spin while you are trying trans41 out.

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Hi Ray, I can send you if nobody already sent it to you. Confirm me via e-mail.

I have some troubles with this program. With my HP75 I can read files from the emulated mass storage, but I can't write anything. :-(

Any suggestion?




Hallo HP-IL enthusiasts,

for today applications with HP41 (or HP71) take EMU41 (or EMU71) from Jean-Francois Garnier. Because this really nice software tool is the worlds leading system solution for interfacing your handhelt to PC world.

Please also refer to HP-Museum articles forum item 311 HP41/PC gatway & emulator.

The newest version of EMU41 now includes advanced 64KByte RAM-Box features and two virtual mass storage devices.

EMU41 is the worlds first software emulator which includes real HP-IL support. It is compatible with 16 Bit ISA slot HP-IL interface cards...

Regards from Germany - Christoph Klug


Hi Christoph, thanks for your "hundredth reply" like this! :-)

You are the best advertising agency of the J.F.Garnier's software. ;-)

(Naturally I'm joking) :-D

I have already bought EMU41 (I am waiting that Jean has received the payment) but however I'm curious to work with Trans41, so you should not be surprised if in this forum there are some thread like this.

Best regards




Dear Claudio,

you are right : I am a real HP41 & EMU41 enthusiasts, and the idea about implementing HP-IL features corresponds directly with the rebuild HP-IL/PC Interface Card which is available from me :-)

Fortunately, today different HP41 software and hardware projects exist from some well known persons, but the HP41/PC gateway & emulator solution is the nice result of team-work from HP41 enthusiasts from different countries :-)

Furthermore Jean-Francois is the first HP41 emulator designer who realises, that the fourty one is much than a handheld, because this machine is the core of an complete system including HP-IL.

If someone wants the fusion of HP41 and PC technologie, up to now EMU41 is the worlds best solution for getting a advanced software/hardware system solution for this application...

Regards from Germany - Christoph Klug



first of all thanks for your work: I own one of your cards and it always performed flawlessly.

BUT... right now, everybody here knows about its "perfect fusion" with JFG's EMU41. If somebody was unaware of it you already reminded this many times.

Since I see that I am not the only one who noted this thing may I kindly ask you to limit your reminders? :-)

Greetings from Italy,

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