Does the new 33S have the same accuracy as the 30S?


The HP30S does calculations to 24 places...does the new 33S also do that?

An easy way to tell is to calculate 3^201..then subtract from that 7.968419666 E 95 and if the result strats with 276 then it has the extra accuracy. thanks.


The HP33S is mostly an emulator of the HP32SII, and like the HP32SII it works to 12 digit precision, with exponents between -499 and +499. Internally it copies the HP32SII too, with 15 digit precision and 5 digit exponents. So the result of the calculation is 260, not 276. The HP30S has wonderful precision if that's all you need :-)



Hi folks..
So do we really know that the 33S is an emulation of the 32S CPU? That is, there's a little byte-code interpreter running on its 6502, fetching Saturn code, and appropriately patched for new I/O architecture??


Bill Wiese

San Jose CA


The fact that the 33s does not give exactly the same results as the 32sII would make me believe that it is not a CPU emulation as in the 49g+ which gives the same results as the 49G.


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