HP 33s


Might anyone know if HP ever released or is still planning on releasing the HP 33s? I gave up on the new HP calcs last fall when I needed the 33s, but I still have a morbid curiosity. Thanks.



HP has sold pre-launched units of the HP33s to Walmart.com. These limited units were all bought out and a few are being sold on eBay for a pretty penny. According to some eBay auctions walmart.com will get more units on April 16. So hang in there buddy! More HP33s on the way!



Read the extensive coverage of the first arrivals in the archive from a few weeks ago. Got my 33s sitting right next to me. Satisfied so far, and the price is right. Most vendors won't have any for a few weeks yet.



Walmart.com now has them in stock.


Are you sure? I just checked Walmart and it says they are temporarily out of stock.


You are correct. Previously, the 33s did not even show up. Now it does, but it shows out of stock. I guess I got excited when I saw it there.


I have some of these, brand new (unopened). If anyone is interested let me know.

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