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I would like to put a few excel functions into my 15C, but I do not know how they are derived.

For example, the PMT function in excel will calculate "the payment for a loan based on constant payments and a constant interest rate".

So my question for this group. Where on the net is a good place to see how the PMT function (and other 12C like function) were derived?

When you Google for PMT and excel, you get dozens and dozens of "Excel for dummies" sites. I can't find any "the PMT function comes from this" sites.


Do the 12C manuals on the Museum DVD have it? Hmm...


You can look at the Warren's site, Library->Application Pacs->Standard Applications Pac Manual, images 18,19 and 20. Program is for 41C but it shouldn't be hard to get it to work on 15C.



This should help:

HP-15C Time Value of Money



You need to look at the Excel help for "PV" to see the formula they are using.

An excerpt from Excel Help:


See Also

Calculates the payment for a loan based on constant payments and a constant interest rate.



For a more complete description of the arguments in PMT, see the PV function.


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Hi, e._e. (may I?)

There is an oustanding, original HP book for the HP15C named "HP15 Advanced Functions Handbook", that's also available as one of the e-books at the MoHPC CD pack. In this book, pages 26 to 44, one can find MANY examples of how to use the HP15C to solve Time-Value-of-Money problems and also discounted cash flow's Net-Present-Value and Internal-Rate-of-Return. It's worth taking a look at them.

Hope this helps, too.


Luiz (Brazil)

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Luis is right, that the HP-15C Advanced Functions Handbook contains a documented Time Value of Money (TVM) program written expressly for the 15C. The MoHPC CD/DVD set is probably your best bet for getting this manual, which tends to be an expensive collector's item.

Also available, in the HP-34C user's manual, is a documented program written for the 34C. The program is directly portable to the 15C.

A hardcopy 34C manual should be cheaper to obtain, but it also is available as a scanned image on the MoHPC CD/DVD set.

-- Karl S.

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