Lex files PC <-> HP75


While I'm waiting for my registered copy of Emu41, I wish to transfer a LEX file to my HP75C via the HP82973A interface.
How can I create a LIF file for Trans41 with the LEX file into it?


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here in the museum are either articles and/or other forms of descriptions how to deal with LIF media, and how to get files onto and out of the media.



I saw them, but I hoped that there was a program that do it automatically.



With your next registered Emu41, it will be very easy: use LIF image file (such as found on this site) in HDRIVE1/2 declaration, and use HP75 functions (CAT, COPY) to access it through Emu41.

Actually, Emu41 with HPIL acts as multiple HPIL devices (display/mass storage units/printer/DOSlink) for ANY HPIL controller (41/71/75).



Hi Jean, I'm happy to hear your info, but before this I need to transfer a LEX file from my Hard-Disk to the LIF image file.
When the LEX file will be into the LIF image file, I'm sure that I will can transfer it to my HP75 with your program.

Now I must do manually the first step of this transfer, but I'm finding for an automatic system. :-)
However thanks for your suggestion.



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