linear eqauations on 15c


I just bought a used hp 15c and I can't figure out how to use the matrix features. (I got it at a pawn shop for $15 so there was no manual) The most important thing I want to know is how to use the matrix functions to solve linear equations.


You need a copy of the manual.

The museum sells it for $15 on CD.

Or you can buy the whole collection for $30.

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I agree with Bill. The matrix operations on the HP15C definitely need a manual, because they are like nothing seen in previous models. While the calculator's memory is limited, the matrix operations are impressive!


Absolutely. I can remember battleing with the darn thing untill I bit the bullet and read the manual. Once you have done it once it is dead easy but you have to read the manual.

I used to revel in solvoing AC network analysis problems using complex matricies. Absolutely brilliant - until someone stole it. Lost my 41C the same way.

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