HP12C Article


Interesting short article on HP, the 12C, and the 12C Platinum.....



Includes the following:

"TI now holds two-thirds of the $503 million calculator market, while HP's share has slipped to less than 2 percent."


Yep! TI is king .. and they did not get there by asking Kinpo to create these calculators either!


The marketing material for the forthcoming book "TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator For Dummies" claims the following:

"Texas Instruments has a ninety-five percent market share for graphing calculators, and its TI-83 Plus models have estimated lifetime sales of ten million units".



Well, they did not get there by making good calculators either. They got their with their marketing department (giving away free calculators to teachers... sending them propaganda, giving them posters, making sure their calculators are carried in every single chain, etc)

Just because there are more TI calculators does not make any better, and most of us will attest to this. In fact, often, quite the opposite is true. Think of computers. Is the basic Best Buy $400 computer better than the custom built computer? Definitely not, but more people have the Best Buy one. Let's face it, the public doesn't always make the best decisions.

On a different note, does anyone actually subscribe to this magazine so that they can click on the "wireless network" link? I am curious as to whether they mean IR or a real wireless network.



Wireless networking ????? Wow !!!!


I am pretty sure I would stop using hand held calculators altogether rather than own a TI.

Take care.


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