Need help with my HP-17BII


My 17BII, the one I use daily is malfunctioning.
I replaced batteries, but the behavior did not change: after turned on, all dot in the display looks darker, but nothing happens. On-Menu1-Menu6 does nothing, On-Menu4/5 does nothing. I tried shorting the batteries contacts three times.
Before opening and checking contacts, I decided to ask for help here.



It sounds like you may have a problem with the buttons. There have been many threads on this forum in the past and the recent past about either whole rows or whole columns of "Pioneer" calculators going dead, and how to repair them. (The 17bii, along with the 17b, 32s, 32sii, 20s,21s,22s,27s,42s, 10b, and 14b are all "Pioneers").

Try the "search" routine both for the current forum, and the most recent two archives, searching for "pioneer" "keys" "pioneer keys" "32sii" etc. and you may find some interesting stuff.

Also look in the articles forum, and browse the other areas of the museum--there is a lot of information there!

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I had something similar happen with my first 32SII. When I lost my second one, and found HP has essentially abandoned the RPN calcualtor market, I sent the first to and they fixed it. They also told me how to resurrect my 29C, and my wife found my second 32SII. Life is good.

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