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Well, two weeks ago i finally bit it and got a TV. I could have held out another 48 years without one but nobody near by will let me watch the new Star Trek at their house every week. So i got an old Zenith at the flea for $10 and even though it doesn't need it i'd like to download an HP 48 remote control. I found one but it needs "win zip" to save it. Win zip will not work on my computer. Does anyone know someplace that i can download a remote control program without having to play pc games?



where i live you need a licence to watch tv. they dont just let anyone watch it you know. worse than that, they wont believe i dont have one. right now they're running bilboards threating me if i dont buy one i'm sent to jail or to pay a big fine. guys come round my house to check every 3 months. i tell them success is with good content. but they still dont believe me. :-)

best wishes,


I like it. It's got a beat. You can dance to it.


I live in England for a while, same thing kept happening to me



I agree that the only reason to have a TV is to watch Star Trek, but surely you don't intend to watch that horrible Enterprise show that claims to be the most recent of the ST genre. You'd be much better off playing a ST game on your HP48 -- there must be a couple of them out there.

As far and WinZip goes, it shouldn't be a problem on your PC unless you're still running DOS 6.2 or Windows 3.1. Are you that much of a Luddite? :)




I have to admit that going over to the dark side and getting a tv was to see Enterprise. It's interesting, has believeable charac...... Oh who am i kidding. It's the hot Vulcan babe. Ever since the time i first saw an aquaintances tape of "Broken Bow" i've found myself going to the beach in the summer watching the girls' ears and hanging around hospital emergency rooms during flu season looking at the sexy green ones.

About my computer; it's a Toshiba 2105cds, the one which turned out to be so abysmally bad that Toshiba refunded about half the purchase price to us lucky buyers. Someday i'll get another laptop but theres no hurry since i don't use it for anything real; i have an hp 41 for that.

Btw: What is a luddite? I have a Websters Encyclopedic and an American Heritage dictionary. Neither one has that word and i've been curious since a luddite thread a while back.- d


According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary (http://www.m-w.com/netdict.htm)

One entry found for Luddite.
Main Entry: Ludd·ite
Pronunciation: 'l&-"dIt
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps from Ned Ludd, 18th century
Leicestershire workman who destroyed machinery
: one of a group of early 19th century English workmen
destroying laborsaving machinery as a protest;
broadly : one who is opposed to especially technological
- Luddite adjective

As for Star Trek "Enterprise", I'll admit to watching it too. Yes, it's full of contradictions, inconsistencies and often preachy plot lines. But so were all of the other incarnations. (At least the "star date" isn't in code.) I wonder if there is a forum where such questions are hotly debated. Nah, I doubt it.....

Well, I still have my Heathkit TV. It was a lot a fun to build, and it was wonderful to see it actually work, but very difficult to find anything actually worth watching. Eventually something went wrong with it, and I still haven't gotten around to finding out what the problem is.

I have a little portable TV, but whether it still works, I don't know for sure. It's probably been a few years since I've actually turned it on.

Luddite: Someone who actually uses a non-RPL calculator (other than the 16C). ;-)


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James, you said: "Luddite: Someone who actually uses a non-RPL calculator (other than the 16C). ;-)"

I said: "Ouch."


Are you running Linux?

Unzip here:




Hi Katie, Dennis, Andreas and Hugh

It is not easy for me to follow this discussion, as I cannot figure out what does the strange abbreviation "TV" stand for in your posts.

Would somebody try to explain?




TeleVision... also known as boob tube, idiot box, etc.


A.K.A. the glass tit.

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