HP-71B Libraries?


For the HP-41 there are several "user´s libraries solutions". I thought that there are also some libraries for the HP-71B system but I didn´t find any list. Does someone has a list of them?



Hi Matthias,

maybe the keyword 'CHHU' could help?
However, the HP-41 was ways more successful than the HP-71, and it seems HP didn't support the HP-71 like they propably did with the HP-41 . A good indicator for this were the IDS, which said between the lines 'Here you are. Don't bother us (HP) with further questions' ;-)



Have you looked at the swapdisk archive ftp://ftp.math.jyu.fi/pub/hpil/swap?

(mirrored also at ftp://ftp.hpmuseum.org/lif/swap)


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