Fixing an HP 32SII


My recent Ebay bought 32SII has become troublesome. The screen is not visible. I can see by looking at it from an angle that the machine is being turned on and off because there is some slight illumination of the screen. I can see that characters are being input but I cannot see what they are.

Is this a fixable item? Any suggestions? I thought perhaps some of the keys were hit in just the right order to turn the contrast way down to become non-visible.


Did you verified the contrast with the key combination ON/[+] or ON/[-] or a reset? The batteries are good?

Good luck!



I emailed Randy at and he sent me to the following link with instructions for what turns out to be a common problem. I performed the step and sure enough, my screen is back in action again.

Thanks for the suggestion Nelson. I did try C(+) and C(-) and I could see contrast changing but no characters would be visible.

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