the guilt of ownership


The downside of outrageous prices:

I recently obtained a 15c after many years of going RPN-less. My 11c was lost long ago, I don't know where. The 15c showed up at a surplus store here in town. I think I paid something like $25 for it. I knew it was a good deal, but I had no idea!

Now I'm starting to feel kind of guilty that I have
this $200-$300-$400(!) device in my desk drawer that I rarely use.


I'm sure there are plenty of "needy" lurkers out here more than willing to relieve you of that cursed albatross. (And for as little as $25, if it makes you feel any better!)




Let the swooping, diving, circling and skyweaving begin!

I'd gladly pay $25!


Actually, instead of feeling guilty, just search the archives for "valentin" then read all his posts, do all the challenges, and go to his website and read "long livethe 15c!" and you will not feel guilty any more--you will feel awestruck as you realize how much power fits in that little pocket.


Don't despair Chris, as I traded a 15C for a 48G from the USA without realizing what it was worth over there at the time. No regrets mind you :). I'm very happy with the 48G. But the prices of a 15C when I bought it was $100 Aus and it was only 4 years old. Now $$$????? who cares! If you've got it use it. If you don't want it, sell it, that simple



I got an 11C from a local thrift shop last X-mas - with box and cover and manual - all for........


No guilt here!


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