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Was cleaning dads garage and found this robust calculator. Not sure if it is even functional because all I seem to be able to understand on the keyboard is "on". If I can determine whether or not it works I'd like to stick it on ebay. Can someone tell me what to punch in on it to determine if it functions properly? Thanks -

PS: does somebody here want to buy it?


I would love to give you a good and fair price for it! Please email me ASAP!


Art Litka


With the calculator off, hold down the [ON] key and press [X], then release the [ON] key. The calculator should show a flashing "running" for 15 seconds or so and then display -8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8, with all the status indicators turned on. If you see Error 9 or a blank display, or indicators are missing, the calculator will need fixing.

You can test the keyboard by holding the [ON] key and pressing [divide] then releasing the [ON] key. A pattern appears in the display; now you press each key in turn, starting with the top row and going from left to right, then the next row down, and so on (press the Enter key twice - once for each of the bottom two rows). At the end of the process, the display should show '16'. If you press a key out of order, you'll see 'Error 9'.


--- Les [http://www.lesbell.com.au]


Thanks Les..I performed the tests as you've indicated and all seems to be functioning as indicated. Too fancy of a calculator for me (I can't even find a = button). Wife says I have to put it on ebay to pay for the last rimfire rifle I bought (my addiction). I appreciate your help.


Yup that's what HP called them RPN calculators at one time.
Calculators without equal.


Dan, the HP-16C is also known as the "Computer Scientist" - almost all of the functions on it are useful only to computer programmers, and of those mostly people doing very low-level programming on embedded systems, communications equipment, etc. Mine sits underneath my computer monitor (see http://www.lesbell.com.au/pix/desktop.jpg) and hardly ever moves from there. The good news is that for those who need them, there is no substitute, so you should get a good price for yours on eBay or private sale to a collector here.


--- Les Bell [http://www.lesbell.com.au]

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