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Hello all,

A new update of Emu41 is available. It includes some improvements, supports ROM image format compatible with V41, and emulates the W&W 64k Rambox II.

More details in the "What's new" corner on my page at:

Recent registered users already received an update. If you didn't receive it, ask me (see my new email address on my site).

Best regards from France.




Good news indeed, a good product just gor better!

Thanks for your work on this wonderful platform, Emu41 support of the HP-IL makes a great difference to all of us still using the system!



Dear HP41, EMU41 and CLONIX enthusiasts,

Actual Jean-Francois added new advanced features to EMU41 : The new RAM-Box features includes two software selected 32Kbyte banks, compatible to W&W RAM-BOX II or the well known HP41CY.

Furthermore now we get a second virtual mass storage drive HDRIVE2. Using this we are able to copy and transfer files between different drives – also with your real IL drives – now also the advanced commands of the EXT-I/O module (MCOPY and COPYFL) implemented. Now EMU41 is nice for creating back up files from your real tape and disc storage mediums, and for creating virtual mediums, needed for fast email exchange with other HP41 enthusiasts.

Disassembling ROM-image pages with help of virtual ZENROM works correctly. Using the RAM-Box features of EMU41 you are able to create your own ROM-images and to design your own user code or mcode plug in module solution. By using the new CLBIN41 tool from Jean-Francois you create .rom files, needed for programming the new CLONIX from DiegoDiaz. EMU41 is an easy to use software tool for developing your individual CLONIX plug in module solution for your real HP41.

Again Jean-Francois updated the worlds leading "HP41-PC gateway & emulator" system – and we take it for programming CLONIX by using only minimal equipment. Works really great – thanks a lot Jean-Francois for your amazing work :-)

Regards from Germany – Christoph Klug

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