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I have been usig my HP12c for 11 years and love it. Just last week my display suddenly shows 0,00, if I hit f 4, then is shows 0,0000 . I have lost my decimal and can't seem to get it back. I don't know if one of my kids accidentially did something to it or if it has come to the end of its life cycle. I would really apprecitate any advice on how to clear this out. Just moved and can't find my user manual. Thank you.


I guess anybody who frequents this forum has answered this question at least once, here is my chance: turn it off, press and hold the decimal point, pres ON, relese ON, relese decimal point. It works like a toggle.


C'mon.....only 11 years???!!!!!! That thing's barely even broken in yet!! :)

Regarding the comma in the display, see page 17 of your owners' handbook. Your "digits separator" has been changed from a "." to a ",". To change it back, turn the calculator off. Hold down the "." key while pressing the ON button. Repeating this procedure toggles back and forth between the two settings.

Hope this helps.


BTW, if you ever need a user manual, you can of course check on e-bay, but you can also check the classifieds here, or post an ad, and you can also download the 12C "Platinum" manual from HP---just ignore the stuff in there about Algebraic and some of the other added functions.

Someone here might be able to steer us to the link....

Or you can search the "archives" (probably the second archive back) for "12cp" and "12c platinum"

Also check Samsoncables.com --- they often have manuals and stuff for sale, or fixthatcalc.com--also often have manuals around for sale.


Hello, Kipp;

as the others helped you with the other subjects, please take the sequences:

[f] and any [number_key]
as the standard sequences to customize number representation. ([number_key] means any key from [0] to [9])

As you can see, there's no golden inscription in the keyboard under each number key and the [.] (dot key), neither any suggestion in the keyboard that these [f][number_key] or [f][.] define the number representation.

With [f][2] you restore default "financial" representation: two fixed decimal places. Any other [f][number_key] sets another number of decimal places (digits). The [f][.] sequence sets "scientific" representation, with a ten-digit mantissa and a two-digit exponent of ten. About mantissa digits: seven are directly visible, and if you want to see all ten digits you press [f]CLEAR[PREFIX] and hold the [ENTER] key down for as long as you want to.

My 2¢.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 18 Mar 2004, 11:52 p.m.

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