HP Vintage Algebraic Surpasses RPN


Compare these two recent auctions:



I guess the 27s is rarer---it does show up less often---and it is a pretty cool machine, jusging from what is included.

Still, seems amazing, yes?


Good to know!
So if I'll sell my NIB 27S (insides still wrapped in plastic: I only made a small cut to take the calc out and remove dead batteries) I know what to ask for.

I'll keep my NIB 42, though. (and the mint ones too...) ;-)



I consider the Hp27s to be Hp's 2nd best pocket calculator that they ever made.

The best?? Why the Hp42s of course!!!!

I suspect that if the secret of the Hp 27s were to ever get out, it would always bring more than an Hp42s, because the majority of calculator users, USE algebraic. To get the power of a 27s, you need a pocket type pc such as a Casio or Sharp, but neither are offered in a calculator format or pocket form (Casio FX7500G come awfully close).

Ti released a 67 and a 66, but neither were in the same league. Casio's had the 4000 and 6000 series but still that 7K RAM and the 27s portibility and quality make it untouchable in the algebraic world of calculators.

Is it in the same league as a 42s? Not if you need matrix functions as it has none. And it doesn't handle complex numbers, but it has variable names and can use every bit of its 7K RAM, which is more than the new 33s can boast. Actualy has somewhat better statistics with list based data like that offered in the business line.

It also has a built in clock and would make an excellent test taking vehicle (until it formally gets banned).

And it is quite a bit rarer than a 42s because it was discontinued about 3 years earlier, probably do to poor sales. The Hp17B and Hp42s sold much better (and the Hp42s was never, never, pushed or positioned to sell, because every Hp42s sold, meant one less sale of an Hp48G!!!!)


Perhaps the 27s in this auction is rarer, I think I have never seen before one with the recessed display, 32SII way.
I've read somewhere it existed (Wlodek maybe) but no picture so far.


Our esteemed curator has one in his collection. Have a look:


They are quite rare compared to the flat bezel with lens model.


Back in 1988, when I was in high school, I bought a HP27S. Still use it today. Funny thing is my dad bought my younger sister a HP42S, and she didn't like it because it used RPN, and my dad made me trade my HP27S for it. I ended up getting my HP27S back and my dad traded the HP42S in for another HP27S for my sister. I wish I didn't!

Anyways, last year I return to school as a business major and looked for the HP17BII. I couldn't believe that HP wasn't in the calculator business anymore! I ended up buying one on ebay and was I glad I didn't buy a TI like all my professors recommend.

Last month, I managed to get my hands on a HP42S. I didn't like it at first, even though I was already used to RPN from the HP17BII. But the last few weeks I've been playing around with it and cannot believe how POWERFUL it is. I didn't know you could do numeric integration with it! I love it because even though I'm a business major now, I was once a computer science major and still work in the IT field.

Anyways, I still love my HP27S. But the HP42S is quickly catching up. Too bad HP doesn't make the calcs like they used to. Ordered the CD1 set of manuals so I could check out more of the features. I had no idea about the LET & GET functions until recently and I'm eager to learn how to use them.


Julián Miranda suspects I mentioned a 27S with recessed display - hi Julián - and sure I did. They were rarer but I did not notice that they were that much rarer. One additional excellent feature of the 27S was that it included STO^ in its register arithmetic. It could be used to take notes, and (apart from lack of RPN) was a truly wonderful HP calculator.


Hi Wlodek, nice to hear from you.
When I wrote the comment I wasn't at home. I have later checked your "A Guide to HP Handheld Calculators and Computers", 3rd. edition, and sure you mention the recessed display 27S but what attracted my attention when I first read it, was you have never seen a recessed display 22S (and 17B too) even didn't know if it was ever manufactured. I thought there was something about recessed display Pioneers but I mixed up the models.

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