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Hello to our Spanish friends,

I only just learned of the horrible explosions in Madrid that occurred last week (I have not been able to keep up with news this week). Having been through NY,NY many times both before and after 2001, and seen the effects of that tragedy, I send my sincerest sympathies.

This forum is one of the few places where we can get away from all the horrors and struggles of the world (albeit with an occasional rant going into politics or other) and so I was hesitant at first to make this post--but I ultimately felt that as an American, I want to acknowlege the pain, suffering and fear that is inevitably taking place in Spain at the moment--especially because some of our most prolific and valued contributors are Spanish.

In other words, we all love to speak about our favorite computing devices, but we are also all human, and when horrible tragedy strikes, we must recognize our human needs.

Best regards,

Bill Platt


Bill, thank you for your thoughtful words. As a spaniard (from Madrid indeed) living abroad, I too have felt this attack like a sledge hammer crashing into the fabric of life. Let's hope this one is also the last and that no other city follows this sad thread after NY and MAD.

Best wishes,


Hi all,

Just to join Ángel's words and his faithfull hope that may our tragedy be the last.

Not only Spaniards, but all and every open-minded person all over the world are victims; and, as far as I know, this includes all of us.

Thank you very much for the private messages I've received in this sense.

I live in a quite place, far away in the distance, anyhow I felt myself a bit like if I was born in Madrid and, also a bit like if I was dead in Madrid last 11-M.

Let it be the last time ever.




Thanks, thanks, thanks
No words (and you know it) for describing all these terrible days.
Another "sad eleven" for all us...



I'm glad to see that you're OK, and I hope none of your family or friends were among the victims. My sympathies go out to all your people and especially to all our Spanish friends here on the Museum forum.


May I also add the sympathies of the Australian people. We were saddened my the news and the images we recieved. Our thoughts and prayeres are with you.



Hello, guys;

I was not aware of the sad happening.

As a Brazilian one and living in a country with many problems, I think I can at least understand whatever happens anywhere else.

I second all words of sympathy and regards already posted here.

I wish you all the best and hope this sort of misfortune never happen again.

Luiz (Brazil)

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