Pioneer Cases - where did the ugly plastic ones come from?


Hi, I have several Pioneer calculators and 2 of them have a low quality plastic dark brown case, all moulded, not stitched and no cloth lining.

The second one I got with a USA made 21S.

Does any one know which calcs or counties these cases came from?



Gordon --

I have a 1989 Singapore-made 42S that came with the seamless slipcover you describe. All my other Pioneers are newer (1990-2001), and have the stitched cover that hold the calc more securely.

-- Karl


I believe those nasty, remove the finish from your bezel, vinyl cases where shipped with the first generation Pioneers from the good 'ole USA. Every flat bezel with lens model in my collection came with one of those nasty, sticky, dirt magnet monsters. You can't get the calculator out of them! I throw them away as any Pioneer, no matter how ugly, deserves better.

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