best method to remove a 67 back label


My search revealed nothing, but I'm sure this issue has been discussed already: What would be the best method to remove a back label of a 67? I finally found the courage to open mine, but I wonder how to remove the label without damaging it. A friend suggested the "drill" method, but I think there must be a better way.



Your best bet is to carefully peel up the corners. I use a razor blade dipped in UnDu adhesive loosener. Try not to make a sharp fold in the corners or cut the label. Tiny fold lines are a lot better than the carnage left by trying to totally remove the label.


First I used a hair-dryer to soften the adhesive stuff under the label. After that I peeled up the corners with a needle. Worked great.

After the work is done you have the option to not reinstall the two screws under the label if you decide to open the machine again in the future.


You may want to try a technique that is used by Pinball
collectors to remove protective mylar films from pinball
playfields: Use freeze-spray (sold for cooling electronic
components), or regular canned-air (with the can held upside
down, the propellant comes out, giving the same effect as
freeze-spray). Thouroughly douse a section of the label,
and the freeze-spray will cause the adhesive to completely
separate from the label, and loose its adhesion. Carefully
lift up the first section of the label (using a credit card
or whatever to prevent it from sticking again), and continue
to work (liberally spraying) away from your starting point.

The glue will be left behind on the calc, and hopefully
the label will not get mangled (though I don't know if the
freeze-spray will affect the ink, since I've only worked
with mylar films which I intended to dispose of).

This really works, though it takes a bit of practice.



Yes, the freeze spray can affect the display window and the keyboard background and probably the label ink. Be very careful blowing clean your calculator. Keep the can upright and do the first blow away from the machine so that any liquid in the siphon tube is not blown onto the machine.


Hello Andreas,

I've tried to reach you by e-mail but without no succes. I've done many card reader reparations for myself and others guys in Europe (many HP fans in Germany too...).

If you want I may send you some photos about the back label job before and after the card reader reparations.

You simply have to use the hair dryer to peel up the corners and then put them in place without adding new glue but using the existent...

Best regards :-)

p.s. remove dots after @ to reply


gian, I contacted you by email, hope it worked. I would very much appreciate your photograph documenting the job. Given the otherwise perfect state of my 67, I don't want to blow it and be sure what I'm doing.


BTW, I just had a look at your collection. Impressive!


Sorry Andreas, please write me again at my home email seems to have some problems...


Gian - we seem to have messaging problems. Try this address

(remove _nospam_)


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