HP33S price in Europe


I contacted one of the local book stores in Sweden to find out the price of the HP33S, figuring it should be fairly affordable since it sells for $50 in the US. After calling their distributor they came back with the price - the equivalent of $130! Meanwhile, Classiccalculators in the UK sells it for £50, maintaining the usual 1£=1$ exchange ratio you tend to see for electronics.

I'm guessing HP doesn't particularly want to sell any RPN calcs here...


Take a look at www.dynatech.de. Hp33S € 69.95. I guess that's a reasonable price (VAT included).


€ 69.95 is approximately £48 UK Pounds. Classic Calculators will sell them in the UK at £49.95 UK Pounds Including VAT according to their website (as stated in earlier post). These two prices are thus very similar. Dont forget European Prices include VAT at 17.5% (in the UK, different rates in other countries)

Prices for HP calculators in the UK can be very variable. As an example look for HP 12C on www.kelkoo.co.uk Prices (all INCLUDING VAT) shown are £69.33 (Classic Calculators) £69.95 (WF Sleath) £82.01 (UK Office Direct) £92.00 (Calculators Online) £97.48 (Consumableitems.co.uk ) £113.95 (TravelStore24). All more expensive than US prices but very variable from shop to shop within the UK as well!

I visited a a certain well known store for rich people in Knightsbridge (West London)a few weeks ago, they had the 12C on display and for sale, About £129 if I remember correctly I think!!

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