HP12C decimal point conversion HELP!


my 2 year old daughter was playing with my 12c and changed the decimal point to a comma somehow. anyone know how to change the decimal point from a comma back to a period on the 12C? thanks ac



althought this question has already been answered by both Randy Sloyer and Karl Scheider AND the question prevails, let's do it:

1 - make sure the calculator is off;
2 - press AND HOLD the [.] key;
3 - while holding the [.] key down (pressed), switch it ON;
4 - release the [.] key;

This will toggle dot for comma anytime the procedure is performed.


Luiz (Brazil)


I appreciate the fact that the regulars in this forum are able to stay good natured and continuously answer this question, which seems to pop up every other month or so. Bear in mind that some calculator users are not frequent visitors to this forum and may not be aware of the other areas of this site where they can go to get help, so they post their questions here. I'm glad to see that this forum has not lost sight of how much of a resource it is to the HP calculator user community - not just the scientific side of the house either.


It also gives us "veterans" a chance to show off and feel important and help a newcomer to catch the spirit--what in HAM radio is known as "Elmering" .....


Hey, Bill;

I teach at the local University and I tell my students that when technology is the issue, 15 years ago is pre-history. I call PC-XT's as "Computossauros Rex" (affectionately, of course)... Maybe I'm also a Neanderthal man... technologically speaking, of course!

Now, seriously: you bet you're right. I'm glad there are some questions I still can answer q;^)

Thank you too, Michael. That's the point!


Luiz (Brazil)


thanks for helping a newcomer - you guys are all geniuses!


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