HP-71B inside the TOPCON HA-3????


I recently purchased this TOPCON HA-3 unit off of e-bay mainly for the possibility of the RS232 and HP-IL connection capabilities. From the picture it really looks like there is an HP-71B underneath this cover. Has anyone heard of this unit?




I have heard of TOPCON, they make surveying equipment.

And it looks like it's a data collector for a total station.

I have never seen one with an HP 71B but I have seen 41's
and 48gx's used as data collectors

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There is another TOPCON company: Topcon Omni Products: makers of custom dentist furnishings!


I got confirmation this morning that this unit does have a HP-71B inside and it does work. From the document that I read, It should also have a 256K ram module. Any way, I cant wait to inspect this new item.


Wow, THAT was a deal. Congrats !


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