Recommendations - Glue to stick plastic back together


I have replaced some nicads in an HP41 nicad pack.

Can anyone suggest a suitable glue to stick it back together with? Other packs I've rebuilt (like the ones in the printer) don't really need to be stuck back together, but the HP41 ones do (quite amusing in a dark sort of way if you don't :-)

I've used some quite permenant adhesives in the past, but since nicads do fail, I'm likely to need to get it open again, so something I can disolve with a solvent is probably best.

What do you use?


I know that this will really sound shoddy. But since you will probably have to take them apart again as you mentioned and because they are inside the calculator and out of view, I used scotch tape to hold mine together (on an HP-65).

Not pretty or elegant but it is functional, it works, and is easy to take apart. I consider my calculator more as a working piece than a collector item so I don't mind it.

Matthew Riehl


On a 41 they're not inside and out of view.

The nicad pack replaces the normal battery holder and is visible.

I am currently using a piece of green (only colour I had) insulation tape. Conequentially My HP41 now sports a green "go faster" stripe on it's back side.


Oops!! I assumed that they were internal like on the HP-65. Hope you find a good solution.


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