HP-48SX HP 82211B Solve Equation Card on an HP-41GX?


Does anyone know if the "HP 82211B HP SOLVE EQUATION LIBRARY CARD for the HP 48SX" works properly on an HP-48GX ?

If I understood it right, it does, but some of the "HP 82211B HP SOLVE EQUATION LIBRARY CARD for the HP 48SX" features and functions are built-in to the GP-48GX.

(I wish I could locate my 48GX to just try it out.)




the 'B' card may work on the GX, but it doesn't make sense, because the whole equation library is built into the G and GX.
Also the browser engine of the EQ card could make problems.

The only things from the 'B' card missing in the G/GX are the periodic table and the TETRIS game from BPS (Bullet Proof Software) .

Too bad there's nearly no software company which deserves this name nowadays;-)

However, the periodic table had been released by HP as a stand-alone application to be loaded into the G/GX, and the TETRIS is available on hpcalc.org .


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