HP 48G Screen Problems


I have a HP 48G with bad pixels in the screen. Where can this get fixed?



You might try the above. But if it is ONLY a 48G, you might just buy another as they sell for about $50 on ebay. It also uses the same screen as the Hp38G and these sell really cheap ie often less than $20 on Ebay. The operation will probably leave a mared/messed up fron bezal/faceplate.

Again, I suggest just buying another as they are a pain to work with and results are spotty. The site above may be worthwhile if you have a GX.

I might also suggest the new 48GII. List is about $100 and it is much faster than the plain 48G. Actually it is a 49G+ with no extended RAM (still comes with 80K vs 32 on a 48G), no SD Card, and a half speed ARM CPU that emulates the original 49G. Still, it may be worth it over a $50 Hp48G. However if you just like the keyboard layout and use it as a number cruncher, get another 48G, as the keyboard of the older 48G series is much better than anything yet available today.

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