HEPAX "cloned"... at last!!!


Hi all,

I'm *really* happy to inform you that this very evening I've managed to get a "Cloned" HEPAX module fully operative(1) on my breadboard (NoVRAM proto-board).

If fact the "thing" has even two extra pages, for other ROM images to be loaded in, as well as 16k RAM memory (battery backed though... as those BL***DY FeRAM samples are still flying :-(

NOTE (1): There are still some differences at FILESYS initializing time, but the functional behavior is a copycat.

I'll place some pictures of the "thing" at Clonix site tomorrow... just too late to get a good focus... ;-))

Best wishes from the Canaries.


That is amazing Diego. You have kept this project pretty quite so far. Let us all know something about it. Is the plan to eventually fit it in a CR housing or into a ROM module. What are the expected project timelines etc.




That's something I'd like to see and have in hands. I remember when I used to "reproduce" complete PCB layout with a marking pen, fine trace. I used to build some extra-thin copper lines. As I still have four single memory modules for the HP41 (all working fine), it's time to think of leaving two of them with their guts resting (for ever?) while I use the case to "copycat" some interesting modules... Wow! If I have a CCD module fifteen years ago, I'd be doing wonders!

Oh, dream on, dream on... Well, Diego, if you're disclosing this information, I'd gladly giving this "clone" a try... Of couser, I'd generate the PCB with some more precise equipment. Is it the layout also available as file? Any specific format?

Well, Diego, I wish you continuous success. And congrats again.


Luiz (Brazil)






Hi all,

And thanks a lot for your kind words!

First, this is the (so-called) 2004 NoVRAM project. As you already know, the 2003 Clonix project was finished by Dec-'03 and it was intended to be (in fact it is) an EPROM-Box (Flash EPROM really) in a standard module housing with up to 6 pages for the user to "load" them at will... so far many users are (hopefully) having fun with their new Clonix toys.

This 2004 NoVRAM project (still) is intended to be a RAM-Box, also in a standard module housing. (Currently it needs one half of my breadboard, so "some" shrinking is still required... ;-)...

Just joking, the PCB layout is also finished and the gerber files are ready, so, if some of you have the means to have them manufactured I'll gladly order a bunch of them. It's a pretty tiny PCB (14 x 23 mm) with very tigh tolerances: 0,5mm in thickness, double sided, thru platted holes (0.4mm dia.), tinned pads, 0.2mm tracks... definitely I cannot make'em in my kitchen ;-).

NoVRAM will also have Flash EPROM room for 6 4k ROM images and 4 4k RAM pages. Thus HEPAX "cloning" is "the" aim of this new little beast... and still two more 4k ROM images can be loaded!!

As with the Clonix project, all and every bit of info will be publicly available and the required files and docs will be on-line at the Clonix site, as well as "the other" 41 site.

Still some weeks (months?) for the very first "real sized" NoVRAM module to see the ligth though.

Next milestone in its time line is the PCB manufacturing and, of course, the required ROM/RAM module shells is a non-stop hunting.

As a "side effect" of the NoVRAM developement, a new Clonix .HEX file will be soon ready to download, containing the four HEPAX rom images (only loadable at page 7, so, regrettably, not compatible with HP-IL), but you can start playing with HEPAX commands as a practice while the new NoVRAM arrives... ;-))

I'll post again later to tell you the url where the latest pictures and info can be found.

Best regards.



Great Diego, also for a collector as me your work is a great enrichment.
Can you update you website with this new stuff, perhaps including some pictures, to bait us...



Great going there Diego!! Congratulations on yet another incredible accomplishment... keep 'em coming!!


Diego, you're the greatest!

Of course you know that the I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the HEPAX, which I consider one of the pinnacles in HP-41 development (all the other greatest notwithstanding)..

having it cloned will allow realistic access to this masterpiece to everyone still interested, and not willing to pay an arm and a leg (or maybe two if the usual suspects on eBAY aren't sleeping) to get them.

Two words: Congrats and Thanks!!


PS. Who said DD stood for "Daredevil"?? It is "Diego-Díaz" !


Hi Diego,

due to lack of time during the last months I did not follow any HP-41 issues and thus also not the HP-Forum.

Now I looked into it and cannot believe. You are progressing so extremely fast with your great projects. Clonix is already finished with enhanced properties (small RAM area) and now you already have a prototype of your marvellous 2004-project NoVRAM. And you succeed to clone the full ADV HEPAX module which is the "Holy Grail" of all summarized HP-41-related developments. And HEPAX is really an absolutely great device, I have one of these. I could have saved a lot of money if those days when I bought this 32k-ROMRAM I had known about your great talent in hardware development and engagement in HP-41 issues.

I think it is wonderful that you enrich the community of HP-enthusiasts by these great hard- and software solutions. I'd like to support Angel’s view, now without the uncertainties of hunting for rare Ebay opportunities for RAM-boxes, HEPAX-modules and HP-IL/ISA-82973A cards all 41-enthusiasts will now be able to access M-Code programming, ROM image downloading and full bidirectional dialogue between real HP-41 and virtual HP-41, e.g. represented by Jean-Francois’ EMU41 and Christoph’s IL/PC gateway.

I can only congratulate and thank you again for your great efforts and fast successful proceeding! I am looking forward to “market-introduction” …

Best regards,


Edited: 13 Mar 2004, 11:44 a.m.


Dear Diego,

yesterday I completed a programm session with your Clonix, and anything works absolutely correct. Thanks a lot for this really amazing 24KByte ROM solution for HP41 :-)

Now we are looking forward for your next development step, the ROM/RAM plug in module, and also for the great system comming from Meindert Kuipers.

As I know some real HP41 enthusiasts use all thie helpfull ROM and RAM systems (Zenrom,Clonix, Hepax, RAM-Box) in parallel, but the new solutions are also available for HP41 user, which do not own a classic ROM or RAM system...

Dear Werner,

you are absolutely right : The new 2004 version of EMU41 now includes anything we need for creating ROM files for Clonix.

Jean-Farancois added a second virtual mass storage drive HDRIVE2 and a virtual 64KByte RAM-Box. And a conversion utility for creating .rom files (the new Clbin41.exe tool).

Using EMU41, now it is possible to create any .rom file (own user code or mcode solutions, or images of existing roms) with minimal hardware equipment : You only need a HP41 with IL-Module, the HP-IL/PC interface card and EMU41 :-)

Best regards from Germany - Christoph Klug



do you know if registered EMU41 users get the update for free?

Regards - Juergen


Dear Jürgen,

yes, as I know Jean-Francois offers a free update. Please contact him personally for getting your individual signed version.

You get a new text-file (the English manual), a new EMU41.exe file and an updated clbin41.exe file which includes the conversation from .bin to .rom

Best regards to Switzerland - Christoph Klug

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