Did I miss something?


30 bux for an HP-15C label? Did I move into a parallel universe where HP prices are out of sight? Is this a true value, or is this individual just fishin'? I'm hoping that's the case...




Hello Jim, folks;

I think that it's somehow easy to use some CAD to produce a 3D image from existing logos (HP10C, 11C, etc...) and use CAM to produce molding plates and then offer identical logos almost for free to replace the missing ones. The replacement units, if produced with current technology, will surely be identical to the 20-years-ago logos.

The silver cover may also be achieved somehow easily.



Luiz (Brazil)


Hi Luiz:

From a technical side, dentist materials (resins, rubber for molds, etc.) may be a good solution. Just think you are making a prothetic tooth...

From the legal side: I remember a discussion here about "clones" of the back labels for Classic models, and I recall there were concerns about copyright, brand usage, etc. Be cautious!


Hello, Andrés;

thank you for your warning. In fact, I never understood this legal side of the fact. If I replace a lost part of some equipment that I bought for one other part I build myself, I understand that the "original manufacturer" warranty is void, and there is no way to keep the equipment's original operation, right? Now I'm also not sure if producing a replacement part myself in this case is a legal copyright infringment; I'm being honest, I actualy don't know <8^|

Is this applicable to the logos? I mean, if I use the "hand made" HP logos in HP calculators, is it a copyright infringment, too? I used to think that if I use the logo image or facetype or anything else in a calculator that's not HP, then I'd be doing somethign wrong. Now I am intriged. If this is sort of copyright infringment, I was not aware of it!

I believe that simply producing them just for sale is not O.K., and if this is what you mean, I understand it. I actualy want to know about it. And thank you for the warning.

Best regards.


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I think there's a difference between doing a part for yourself and manufacturing a protected logo plus *selling it*...



Not really. Prices for replacement logos as well as for vintage hp's in general are high and even rising because they're scarce. Simply put, there are more people who like to buy them than there are people willing to sell. If someone would manufacture logos or HP would choose to re-manufacture the old models, prices more than likely will plummet. There's no way HP could ask for the 200$ or so for a 15C currently paid on ebay. I seem to notice that prices for 48G's already fell, possibly because several people threw their units on the market after buying a new 49G+.


I was contacted by the seller via email after posting this message. The seller was courteous, and pointed out some things that I had not considered when I posted my message.

His points were as follows:
-------- quote on ------------
1) Person has a perfect unit that came with an ugly logo and want to restore or sell the unit for top $
2) Person has a perfect unit that has the logo damaged that want to restore or sell the unit for top $
3) Purchased a perfect unit sans only the logo which simply fell off and wasn't noticed
4) Purchased a not so perfect unit but just want it restored
------- quote off --------------

As I have oft said in the past, I am not a collector, and so I was surprised to see this pricing, but I guess a collector would want a perfect machine for display and if they are willing to pay this price, fair enough. Sometimes, one's own perspective can be a little too myopic...




I am a collector and I feel that $30 for a logo is way too much!!



And if he does, that means someone else thought it worth that price also.

I like Vieria's idea, however, Hp might chase down anyone who would attempt such a project.


Perhaps if we find a Chinese company to the logos, HP will look the other way!


I could see HP having a problem with someone selling a lot of HP logos for "new" use, but if they (h/p) offer no replacement, might HP allow it? There are several people here on the forum who have dealt with this issue of copyright infringement, including our Master and Commander, Dave Hicks.

I can't see anything wrong (legally, but then I'm not a lawyer...) with replacing a missing logo on your own calculator with your own logo...I have an HP-97 with a missing front ID plate. I scanned an intact name and logo plate, printed on "indestructable" (plastic) laser paper, touched up the color, cut it out and.... from just a few inches away, it's virtually indistiguishable from the orginal.

How do the people who make "after-market" replacement parts for cars deal with this issue? Is it only a problem with the actual logo, or can we make other after-market parts (cases, etc.) if we could and wanted to?

Anyone up on this?



Yes, it's only a problem with the logo, because that is trademarked. You can make aftermarket replacments for all the other parts, as long as you don't represent them as being original.


I tried to search the forum for the article on the re-manufactured back label, but couldn't find it. Could someone help me out? I've been asking myself the question for my 67, and would like to see what your conclusions were.


Well, here are a some (occasionally rather contentious) threads about restoration and/or making replica (or fake, if you prefer) back labels for the HP-67:




The Jedi Knight used in the Episode IV this lightsaber:

Main issue is the small magnification lens borrowed from a Texas Instruments Exactra 20 calculator.

There are 5 Exactra calculators, named 19,20,21,22, and 23. Only the 19 and 20 make use of the 6 digit display, the remaining 3 sport a full 8 digit display.

eBay prices: Exactra 20: $50 and more.
Rare Exactra 23: $20 and less.

I offered two times Exactra 20 on eBay and agreed with the buyer to ship ONLY the magnification lens. One was $64 !!!

There is one supplier who made a replication in medium quality. He offers it for $9.95 Buy-It-Now.

But the Knight uses an ORIGINAL part for his weapon.

I understand to pay $30 for a HP logo ;-))


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