Batteries for a HP 41 CX



I am considering the purchasing of a HP 41CX. Are the batteries (the normal ones and the rechargeables) very difficult to get? Did they come in the original calculator package? Can I expect them to be "alive" or rechargeable after 10 years in a box?




the normal batteries are available in most shops where you can buy batteries for cameras. (Price for 4 batteries in Germany is about USD12 = 25 DM.)

They came out with the calculator, originally.

The batteries may be empty after that long time, the rechargeables may be dead.



N size alkalines are easy to find, and will last for many months of regular use. Personally I don't think it makes a lot of sense to use a 41C with an AC adapter or NiCd batteries, but there may be other views...

The normal N-size alkalines are availabe at Radio Shack stores, or as Eveready E91 (almost sure, I am telling this from memory), or Duracell MN9100 (sure!). Other brands are also available, as Varta, etc.


Ever try trying a card reader or optical wand off n-cells? Give me some 120V AC from the local power monopoly for those high-drain toys, please!


I find that they don't work too long from 120V. 6V seems to be optimum :-)


I meant the voltage (from the wall, continuous feed, not killing little n-cells) at supply, not after the converter tuned it down to prevent turning your 41C into a Roman Candle. Sheesh, the sarcastic static you get from these nerdy HP calculator types ;)


a couple of months ago someone here said that some kind of handheld game (pokemon mabye) uses n cells, so as long as kids are using battery operated noisemakers we have batteries. BTW, any more of thoes brand new in the box 41's laying around?


N Cells are still available for around $1.50 each. I have run across many instruments that use N cells beside the HP41's. I agree with Andree that if you don't use the card reader or the wand often, disposable N cells is the way to go.


Remember, that there are NiCd Accumulators in the form of N-Cells too!

You have to charge them externally, but that's the way I go with my 41s.


I use N cell NiCads too, for two reasons, they are 150mAH instead of 75mAH of the 41 rechargeable pack, and you don't have to rebuild any battery packs should they ever fail.

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