Email John Butcher at CSPARKS@N2.NET He's provided me with programs for my HP 33s. He also sells them on Ebay, type in HP 33s cogo and look for him as IRONHIT.


Hey, thanks for the info. Do you know if this gentleman charges for evrything or what. I'd like to get these programs but money is scarce around my house. I could spend the time and maybe hash out a program of my own, but with the test coming up soon I've got other things to worry about. Any ideas?


I was looking around and heard that the hp32 programs would work for the 33's. Anyone know anything about this and if so, where could a new guy find 32 programs. thanks for any info forwarded.


As the post mentioned above by Dave, John Butcher provides cogo programs for the HP33s which I believe run on the HP32S as well. Without any prior programming experience, and the deadline of the exam approaching, $33 seemed well worth it.


All 32S/32SII programs and equations should run on the 33S. However, the reverse is not necessarily true, for two reasons.

First, the 33S has a few new functions that are lacking in the 32S/32SII (like SGN, INTG, IDIV, RMDR, CB, CBRT). Any 33S programs or equations that used these functions would not be 32-compatible without modification.

Second, the 33S has a much larger memory than the 33S. So a large 33S program simply may not fit in a 32 series machine.

In this case, the 33S survey software advertised on eBay is "about 3K" in size. That greatly exceeds the 0.38K memory of the 32S/32SII. So even if each individual routine was 32-compatible, it would be impossible to actually load them all.


It's true that 32S or 32SII programs should run on a 33S. Unfortunately, the memory of the 32 series was very small, and so it was not an ideal platform for programming. I haven't seen any surveying software for it, although you could doubtless enter a few equations before running out of memory.

If you want surveying software for a 33S, then probably your only options are:

1. Write your own programs/equatios, or
2. Take the test without using programs/equations, or
3. Spend $33 for software on eBay

I'm impressed that option 3 is available, given that the 33S has not even been officially introduced yet


Hey folks I might be new to this, but so far my own creation is doing fine. Curve progams with 2 inputs gives me everything else.The limited label, I've bipassed by using only one. If you write your program in the order you want your returns(W/ known D&R) use the equations. If you don't know D or R and you add an eq. for defining them to the end of program you get 2 promt then 0's for answers then promts for v's that you know. This can give you D & R which you plug back in. Lots of button pushing with an end result faster then long hand.

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