I am looking for the KEYBOARD IS Lex file for the HP-71B Can anyone send me this file by e-mail so I can load the file using the 9114 disc drive?


Jeff wrote:
> I am looking for the KEYBOARD IS Lex file for the HP-71B

I think you want this file:


Note that swap files include the directory entry as the first 32 bytes for the file (i.e. the LEX content starts at offest 32 of the swap file).



What is the best way shy of the PC board offered by Mr. Klug to get this file to the HP-71?
Best Regards,
BTW// I do have the hex code to enter using the MAKELEX program but is this the only way. Can I use the 9114 disc drive to accomplish this?


You can use the LIFUTIL program from ftp://ftp.math.jyu.fi/pub/hpil/lifutil, which runs under MSDOS (or Windows 95/98/ME inside the DOS box).

Unfortunately, the swap file header in KEYBOARD.L71 is slightly different than the header expected by LIFUTIL
(sigh!). More information on LIF may be found in the MoHPC Article:

The following text from the www.series80.org web site may be useful. Read HP-71B where it talks about Series-80 computers.

File types are extremely important to the Series-80 computers. If a file type is not the correct one, then the computer will not be able to use that file. We, therefore, need to make sure that LIFUTIL tranfers the files from the DOS directory to the Series-80 floppy with the file type intact. Since the PC does not maintain such information in the MSDOS directories, we must save the file type within the MSDOS file. LIFUTIL does that if we specify "Binary Image: DFS file type header (all types)" when we transfer the
file from the Series-80 floppy. This creates a 256 byte header at the beginning of the DOS file. The header is essentially the directory
entry in the Series-80 diskette. When we transfer the file back to the Series-80 floppy with LIFUTIL, we specify the "DFS to LIF file type preserved" option which extracts the header and uses it to construct the correct directory entry on the floppy.

All files are binary. If you have to use ftp to transfer them, be sure to specify the BINARY option.



Oops, I forgot. If you are running Linux, then you can use Tony Duell's 'LIF Utilities for Linux'. Here is a quote from an earlier posting by Tony:

The third is my 'LIF Utilites for Linux'. They're still very much under
developemnt (at the moment, you can read files from a LIF disk on the
linux box, but I've not written a program to write individual files back
to a LIF disk yet, for example). You can get them (C source, GPLed) from
the HPCC web site, http://www.hpcc.org.

I wrote these programs to work with the 9114 LIF disks used on the HP41,
71, and 75 calculators. I can suggest modifications to work with other
types of LIF disk (I know of somebody who read some HP high-density disks
using slightly modified versions of these programs). In any case they
might give you some clues if you want to write your own programs...



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