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I am an electrical engineering student and would like to know if there are reference guide books that can simplify and teach me how I can "easily" use THIS calculator. I do not know how to program and would like to learn. All my friends have TI 89's. Please give me all the cool things to know and how to program them in my calculator.



Hi Julie.

I would suggest, or

These are I think, the two best sites I have found. Others may disagree.



First, navigate to and have a look! Also, see e-mail I sent you.


Your e-mail I sent you bounced.

Also, you must go find the "HP 48G Series User's Guide" search for this phrase at hpcalc and you will be able to download all 18 MB of it!

Also, search for "UserRPLTut" and "48faq"

Also, when you get more advanced, you will want to find the "AUR" (Advanced User's Reference) which I have not found a scanned copy of. But take your time--you've got a lot to learn before that!

BTW, even for the 49G+, essentially the only place to find good info on "userRPL" is the 48 series documentation.




Please give me all the cool things to know and how to program them in my

That kind of reminds me of a boss who once said something like:
"Someday, when I've got a little time to spare, I'll have to have you
show me how all this trigonometry and coordinate system stuff works."

But seriously, other than having the "HP 48G Series Advanced User's
Reference Manual" (AUR) at your fingertips, perhaps the best that I've
ever found is Bill Wickes's "Insights" series. For the 48SX, there's the
"HP 48 Insights Part I: Priniples and Programming" and "HP 48 Insights
Part II: Problem-Solving Resources", and for the 48G series, there's "HP
48 Insight Part I: Principles and Programming HP 48G/GX Edition", all by
William C. Wickes (the "Father of RPL", and an excellent writer and
instructor as well). A "Part II" edition for the 48G series was planned,
but never published; too bad, but there are not really not too many
differences between the 48S series and the 48G series. Unfortunately,
these are long out of print, and I don't know of any on-line versions
(which would require his permission, of course). But maybe some "pre-owned" or "new old stock"
copies will show up on eBay or somewhere like that.

And of course, as nice as this forum is, the comp.sys.hp48 newsgroup
really has a lot more information about the RPL calculators. See
to search the archive, or use ("about 113,000"
threads, starting from 1991-07-24) to just read it. But be aware that
the archive is updated only a few times a day, so it's not the best way
to participate; it's better to use a newsreader instead.

Some other helpful links:,,,,,,


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