HP49G+ replacement came today


And the keyboard is much beter. Feels like the HP48 series. (Maybe I should get my HP17BII+ traded too)


What does it mean? Do you mean you've got a replacement from HP after returning your older one to HP? What's the first few digits of the serial no. of the replacement?


So, the question is, do I send in my 49g+, or do I keep it because it still has the
"Phase three-marketing sample,not for resale (dated)03/07/30"
sticker on it?



I suggest you keep yours. It is a prize that you will always treasure. To be sure, I would contact your good buddy Fred ???? and ask for another. But I wouldn't part with that trophy.

But that is my suggestion only. I do suspect Fred ???? can do something for you though.

???? means I didn't bother to look up this Carly Lacky's last name. I wish I could think better of him, but he is another marketing guru that got to the top of a division by licking and slurping (and maybe a little bit of work, like polishing).

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