17B equation need


Hello all,

This is a plea for help. I recently changed my batteries and lost all my memory. This was a brutal blow to my life as a few years ago I lost the equations in a fire that decimated my home.

I am in the equipment leasing business. I essentially make my living by buying and selling money. If someone out there in cyber world would be kind enough to help me input the equation again I would be forever in their debt.

This is what I am trying to accomplish:

CST = Cost of the equipment. PMT = monthly payment. I%YR = the interest rate I am buying my money at. RV% = This is always a negative # and is used when a balloon is due at the end of the term (10% is a typical buy out). N = the length of the term in months. #ADV = number of advances (due to the time value of money this could increase my profitability on a deal substantially). PTS = The amount of money I would like to make on a deal i.e. 10 points on a $20,000.00 deal would = $2,000.00 of gross margin. There used to be 2 pages to this equation which resulted in a "more" tab.

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