Rubber feet glue


I mad some replacement rubber feet with old tire trip for my HP-12C but i don't really know what kind of glue to use. I try yellow wood glue, but it doesn't retain the rubber for more than 10 days...

I think about superglue but i think it will melt the 12C plastic under the rubber and if i ever want to remove screw...

What is your solution?

Thank you for answering me.


Forget the glues, double faced carpet tape works best.


"I think about superglue but i think it will melt the 12C plastic under the rubber and if i ever want to remove screw..."

Superglue did not melt my 11C, but apply it only to the edges ti be sure

Be aware of "small scale model" -glues which do melt plastics



I think you should try a product called Shoe-Goo (available at almost any department store and a lot of hardware stores). It will bond rubber or plastic to almost anything.

I have used it for many many things, the most rigorous being when I used Shoe-Goo to bond a set of plastic toe sliders to a pair of motorcycle roadracing boots (cornering lean angles sometimes result in the toes of boots contacting pavement, and the sliders protect your expensive leather boots). The sliders stayed on until they wore all the way through; without the Shoo Goo failing. Unless you plan on subjecting your 12C's new feet to sliding on pavement at speeds GREATER then 120 mph I think it will work fine.

I have also used it for applications similar to yours, and I think the main advantage it offers over other adhesives is that it never completely hardens. While it has high enough shear strength for the application I mentioned above, the "Shoe-Gooed" item CAN be removed by carefully prying it up away from the item to which it is glued (maybe Shoe goo is weaker in tension than in shear). So, if you ever needed to, you could get to the screws and disassemble the calculator. The excess Shoe Goo can then be "rolled" off the calculator and the rubber feet with your fingers and reapplied when you reassemble the calculator.

By the way, my 11C needs new feet and I think I'll use your "tire" idea and some Shoe Goo to accomplish it. Thanks for the idea.

Take care.


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OK here's an idea: Get some Scotch double-sided tape, the "permenant" kind, your local Office Max will have it, then clean clean clean the foot and the place where the foot goes, put a piece of that on, trim so there's none hanging off the edges of the foot, and stick. I'm willing to bet that will really do it.


The best footsie tape that I have seen is Scotch (3M) Outdoor carpet tape. Double sided, black, nice and sticky, weather resistant.

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